Terms and Conditions of Hack4Retail
1.1. Hackathon MEANS hackathon HACK4RETAIL.
1.3. Jury means a team of specialists formed by the Organizers, who will choose the winners of the Hackathon from among the Participants by closed voting.
1.4. Mentors means a team of specialists formed by the Organizers, who will advise the Hackathon teams.
1.5. Official Website means the official website of Hackathon available through the link: hack4retail.fozzy.ua
1.6 Hackathon Online Stage Platform is a Hackathon page on the Analytics Vidhya online platform for registration and participation in the first stage of the Hackathon.
1.7. Participant means a participant of the Hackathon.
1.8. Rules mean rules for participation in the hackathon HACK4RETAIL.

2.1. HACK4RETAIL is a competition to determine the best projects/technological solutions. The hackathon is aimed at professionals who study or work in the field of state-of-the-art IT solutions.
2.2. Hackathon purpose and tasks:
2.2.1. search for new technologies in the field of programming and the Internet with possible further implementation in the economic activities of the Organizers by separate agreement with the Participant(s);
2.2.2. identifying potential specialists fr recruiting;
2.2.3. raising the image of the Organizers’ brands as potential employers.
2.3. Information about the Organizers:
LLC MCKINSEY & COMPANY UKRAINE, legal address Ukraine, 01601, Kyiv, 19-21 A Bohdan Khmelnytsky Str., 17th floor, Leonardo Business Center.
LLC SILPO-FOOD, legal address: 02090, Kyiv, 1 Butlerova Str.
Actual address: 02000, Kyiv, 1v Pavel Tychyna Avenue, Silver Breeze Shopping Moll
2.4. The Hackathon is to take place from October 29, 2021 to November 14, 2021, including.
2.5. The number of Hackathon winners and the procedure for determining them are specified in the relevant sections of these Rules.
2.6. Information about the Hackathon, as well as any changes to the terms of the Hackathon shall be posted on the Official Website.

3.1. Any individual who has reached 18 (eighteen) years can be a participant or entrepreneur

4.1. An individual is considered a Participant after successfully registering to participate in the Hackathon on the Hackathon online stage platform (the address will be indicated on the Official Website) until 4:00 pm on October 29, 2021 inclusive and receiving a confirmation from any Sponsor to the e-mail specified during registration.
4.2. Participants may participate in the Hackathon with their teams, but each team member must be registered as a Participant.
4.3. The number of Participants in one team is limited to 4 (four).
4.4. Participation in the Hackathon is free.
4.5. During the second stage of the Hackathon, each Participant has the right to present to the Jury only one project/technological solution.
4.6. Registration of Participants on the Hackathon online stage platform ends at 4:00 pm on October 29, 2021.
4.7. Registration of Participants who arrived at the venue of the second stage of the Hackathon will take place from 9:30 am to 11:00 am on November 13, 2021. The second stage of the Hackathon will be held in Kyiv, the exact address of the second stage of the Hackathon will be communicated to the Participants of the second stage through an e-mail to the e-mail address specified during registration.
4.8. The team is allowed to participate in offline stage of the Hackathon if most of the team members are present on location. If any of the registered team members is missing on location, the participant cannot be replaced.
4.9. The second stage of the Hackathon will be offline. Cases where the participant with valid reasons can not be present on location may be considered on an individual basis at the discretion of the Organizers.
4.10. One person can register to participate in the Hackathon only once. Multiple registration of accounts (user accounts) by one Participant and use of other people's (including previously registered) accounts is prohibited. Participant assures and guarantees the authenticity and accuracy of all data provided to the Organizers. If at any stage of the Hackathon (including when issuing prizes to the winners) the fact of providing inaccurate data or use by the Participant of accounts belonging to other persons reveal, the Organizers has the right to cancel the registration of the Participant (delete the account) and refuse such Participant issuing gifts and / or rewards.
4.11 All participants pay for all expenses incurred by them in connection with their participation in the Hackathon.

5.1. Projects/technological solutions that the Participants will present to the Jury must meet the following criteria:
5.1.1. distinction;
5.1.2. novelty
5.1.3. copyright belonging to the participant and/or the team of participants
5.1.4. potential for use and further development of the project in the activities of the Customer.
5.2. The Organizers have the right to disqualify projects/technological solutions in case of non-compliance with the criteria specified in paragraph 5.1. of these Rules. The Organizers also have the right not to allow projects/technological decisions that contradict generally accepted moral and cultural values, contain sexual, pornographic content, incite interracial, interethnic, interreligious or other enmity, contradict the current legislation of Ukraine, etc. to participate in the Hackathon.
5.3. The Organizers reserve the right at any time to exclude from participation in the Hackathon materials in respect of which the Organizers of the Hackathon have received claims from third parties for infringement of their copyright and / or other rights. The Organizers have the right to exclude such materials from participation in the Hackathon without prior notice to the Hackathon Participant and verification of the received data on copyright and / or other rights of third parties. In the event that any decision of the task presented during the participation in the Hackathon violates the rights of third parties, the Participant undertakes to settle at its own expense all claims of such third parties to the Organizers. The Participant undertakes to reimburse the Organizers for all damages and expenses related to such violation or probable violation, as well as to release the Organizers from any claims, judicial and extrajudicial, related to this violation.

6.1. The Hackathon is held in the following stages:
6.1.1. The first stage: online selection stage, the results of which determine the participants of the second stage of the Hackathon.
6.1.2. Second stage: offline development in teams of projects/technological solutions with the support of Mentors, as well as determination of Hackathon winners.
6.2. Hackathon venue:
6.2.1. The first stage of the Hackathon is held online on the Analytics Vidhya platform.
6.2.2. The second stage is held offline in Kyiv at the address that will be notified by the Organizers to the finalists of the Hackathon on an individual basis.

7.1. The first stage of the Hackathon is scheduled for October 29, 2021 on the Analytics Vidhya platform. It will be launched on October 29, at 07:00 p.m. and last until October, 31 2021, 07:00 p.m.
7.2. On October 29, 2021 at 07:00 p.m. the registered participants will receive access to the Hackathon on-line platform where they will find the description of the task for the first stage and the additional information they may want to use while working on the task.
7.3. On October 30 from 10:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. and on October 31 from 10:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m., the teams will hold online consultations with the project mentors.
7.4. The teams will be allowed to use the Hackathon on-line platform for uploading their technological solutions and the updates of these solutions and to see preliminary results of their respective teams on the online leaderboard until October 31, 07:00 p.m.. At 07:00 p.m. the uploading of technical solutions will be suspended.
7.5. The technological solutions given by the teams will be assessed automatically on the Hackathon on-line platform. Based on the Analytics Vidhya evaluation, the final online leader-board with the results for all teams will be generated
7.6. The final rating of the teams, which came out winners of the first competition stage by criterion of the technological solutions will be published on the Hackathon on-line platform till 8 am on 1st of November 2021
7.7. From November 1st to 3rd, 2021, the technological solutions provided by the teams will be checked for the copyright of the participant and / or the team of participants by the representatives of the Analytics Vidhya platform and the Hackathon Organizers.
7.8. 20 teams with the best results will qualify to proceed to the final offline event after code verification performed by AnalyticsVidhya

8.1. The second (final) stage of the Hackathon will be conducted offline by pitching projects/technological solutions. It will start on November 13, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. and finish on November 14, at 07:00 p.m.
8.2. On 13 November, 2021 at 10:00 the official opening of the Hackathon second stage will take place followed by the announcement of the task and distribution of support data and additional information the teams may need to work on the task.
8.3. On November 13, from 11:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. and on November 14, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. the Participants will have consultations with the project mentors.
8.4. Before the project/ technological solution pitching, the Participant will prepare a 3 (three) minute presentation, which will meet the criteria outlined in the Organizers’ guidelines.
8.5. After pitching their projects/ technological solutions participants will be ready to answer the Jury’s questions.
8.6. The Jury will consider and weigh the proposed prototypes of projects/ technological solutions against the evaluation criteria specified in the guideline.
8.7. Based on the results of the presentations of projects/ technological solutions made by the finalists, the Jury will determine, at its discretion, by secret ballot, the Hackathon winners, whose final work was found to be the best in terms of meeting the evaluation criteria that were included in the guideline.

9.1. The Jury will determine the winners among all Hackathon teams by secret ballot after the Participants make their final presentations of projects/ technological solutions at the second stage of the Hackathon.
9.2. The Hackathon winners will be announced on November 14, 2021 at 07:30 p.m.
9.3. The Jury decisions are not subject to review, appeal or interpretation.
9.4. Hackathon winners will receive cash prizes from the Organizers.

10.1. The prize pool for the winners of the second stage of the Hackathon is 15,000 (fifteen thousand) US dollars.
10.2. The Organizers transfer to each participant of the winning teams of the Hackathon his part of prize in hryvnia equivalent according to the NBU exchange rate on the date of the banking operation within 10 (ten) working days from receipt of his own bank account details. The prize money is divided evenly among all members of the winning teams
10.3. Any taxes that may be levied on monetary reward to the Hackathon winning teams will be paid by the Organizers.
10.4. The cash prizes will be distributed evenly among the participants of the Hackathon winning teams. The Organizers cannot be held responsible in case of any disputes between the team members.
10.5. All the Second Stage Hackathon participants will receive incentive gifts from the Organizers.

The Organizers represent and guarantee that the intellectual property rights to the materials created by the Participants as a result of their participation in the Hackathon will belong only to the Participants.

12.1. During the Hackathon registration, the Participants will give to the Hackathon Organizers their consent to the processing of personal data provided during and/or after registration for the Hackathon, such as their names, place of work or study, position, communication and e-mail addresses, to be used for the purposes of the Hackathon, in particular for the transfer of personal data to the Hackathon Organizers and their affiliates the further hiring purposes, and, should the Participant be selected as the winner, for publication of the Participant’s name and other data provided at the Official Web-Site
12.2. The holders of personal data will enjoy the rights provided for in Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection” of June 1, 2010.
12.3. By registering to participate in the Hackathon, the Participant agrees to let other persons take photos and videos with his/her participation and to any subsequent publication of these materials on the Internet. The Hackathon is a public event and the Participant who prefers not to be seen in the visual materials, must notify the Organizers in advance. If this is the case, the Organizers may choose to refuse such Participant to participate in the Hackathon.

All disputes related to the Hackathon will be resolved through negotiations between the Organizers and the Participant and will be governed by the laws of Ukraine. All Participants recognize the exclusive jurisdiction of the Ukrainian courts in relation to any and all Hackathon-related disputes.

14.1. By registering for participation in the Hackathon, the Participant agrees to and undertakes to comply with the terms and conditions of these Rules. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of these Rules can be viewed as reasonable grounds for disqualification of the Participant at any Stage of the Hackathon.
14.2. The Organizers may, at their discretion, make any changes and/ or additions to these Rules in the manner prescribed by the Ukrainian legislation.
14.3. These Rules and any changes to them become valid at the date of their posting on the Official Site, as specified in paragraph 2.6. of these Rules.
14.4. Any other procedures not mentioned in these Rules will be established by other local documents of the Organizers, or by ad-hoc decisions during the Hackathon, based on the principles of expediency, fairness and reasonableness.
14.5. The Organizers cannot be held responsible for any force majeure, such as natural disasters, fire, floods, hostilities of any kind, riots, significant legislative changes or other circumstances that are beyond the Organizers’ control.
14.6. If any provision of these Rules is declared invalid, all other provisions shall remain in force.

Official Website: hack4retail.fozzy.ua
For general information please send your inquiries: hack4retail@gmail.com